Welcome!  The Otsego County Chamber of Commerce, in partnership with NBT-Mang Insurance Agency, has brought BIG COMPANY BENEFITS to SMALL BUSINESSES.

Health Insurance & Benefit Plans



The Otsego County Chamber of Commerce insurance program includes delivering custom solutions to members for all of their health care management needs, including benefit plan analysis, contribution strategies, health & wellness education and training, and developing employee policies and consumer-driven programs.  Our benefits administrator, NBT-Mang Insurance Agency, can show you how easy it is to have all this and more.


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All Otsego County Chamber of Commerce health insurance members have access to a personalized client portal called Mywave, devoted to helping you with plan administration, legal issues, and in sharing resources and information with other professionals. Mywave facilitates efficient and easy communication between you and NBT-Mang Insurance to deliver a vast array of information about employee benefits issues and complex legislation – right at your fingertips.

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Legislative Updates

Do you find it difficult to keep up with legislation affecting insurance and your industry? Do you need help recognizing and assessing all the trends that may have an impact on your business? Mang Insurance Agency’s Legislative Briefs and Plan Design Concepts help you understand the latest issues affecting employee benefits insurance, and will help you address those issues.

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Compliance Resources

We offer materials to help you stay in compliance with important laws and regulations. The Otsego County Chamber Of Commerce health insurance members have access to easy-to-read articles, FAQs, and common forms and tools, covering laws such as:

HIPPA                             HIPPA Privacy

COBRA                            Medicare Part D

FMLA                               IRC Section 125

Health Care Reform           State Specific Legislation

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Human Resource Tools

We offer a Benefit Insights article series to educate members on important benefits issues, in addition to the following newsletters: Benefits Bulletin – quarterly newsletter, Behind the Counter – quarterly pharmacy newsletter, Benefits Buzz – monthly newsletter. You can access high quality educational content for your employees on a number of benefit related topics. NBT-Mang’s dedicated staff of professionals can help you develop and implement employee policies to promote a healthy culture to your entire workforce.

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Wellness Communication

Having healthier employees can lower health care costs, increase productivity and boost morale. We have the resources to build and customize a wellness campaign specific to your company’s needs. We offer employee flyers, newsletters, posters and other resources to encourage healthy habits. Through our online services, we can deliver payroll stuffers, ready-to-use employee newsletters, and educational brochures on health & wellness designed to help you drive consumerism in your workplace.

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Custom Communication

Our Benefit Education materials help you announce and explain to employees how to use and get the most out of your company’s benefits plans. We find that letters, flyers, articles, payroll stuffers, posters and e-mails help support employee consumerism. We can determine the topics that best suit your needs. We are committed to helping you offer collateral on all levels to your employee benefit needs, including a complete employee handbook template.

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For more information on these valuable benefits please contact:

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