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On Thursday March 17th, 9:00AM via ZOOM Rebecca Mathews, Program Director of Catholic Charities will step you through what you need to do to apply for this grant money. There are millions of dollars being set aside for child care desert regions (which we are in) and Catholic Charities is the organization helping to administer the process for the county.

Do you  have workers who need child care?  Do you struggle to hire new workers because they have no child care options?  This grant might be the way to get a facility at your workplace, or for you to identify workers who have a partner who wants to set up a child care center and you can help direct them to this funding.  Help your workforce be able to access child care!

This is a two-step process so you want to be sure to find out how to register and apply.  The registration, application and all information about deadlines, etc.  will be discussed in this webinar, and anyone can join in. 


This is a zoom webinar- free but you must register- click on the upcoming events calendar and register today!



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