Empowerment: Women Owned Businesses Group- Roundtable discussion #2, April 27th 8:30am virtually from anywhere!

Empowerment: Women Owned Businesses Group- Roundtable discussion #2, April 27th 8:30am virtually from anywhere!

The Chamber is pleased to host the 2nd Empowerment Meeting – Women Owned Businesses of Otsego County Roundtable, on Tuesday April 27th, at 8:30am.  This free event is for women who identify with owning a business to connect with other business owners,  and women who are interested in starting a new venture to meet informally and connect virtually, to discuss the opportunities in various sectors of the business world. 


This forum began in March, tying in with Women’s History month, and the response was so positive from the participants that we were asked to make it a reoccurring group.  So, this is #2 and we hope you will join us.  The event is free but we ask that you pre-register. 

Join us and hear the stories of opportunities and challenges faced by others in your home region.   


Please click on the event in the “Upcoming Events” and register.  You will be sent the zoom link directly.


This is an informal gathering- we will ask each to tell about their history- what type of business they have, where it is located, how long it  has been in business and some aspect of their business that they are particularly proud of, and/or an area that is a challenge, especially now.


If you have a business that you have pivoted since the pandemic, we would like to hear about that and how it has changed what you will do going forward.


Anything is on the table :  so come to share your hopes and dreams as well as your cautionary tales.   We can learn so much from each other!  

Questions?  Call Kathryn Dailey at 607-432-4500 ext. 2 or email her at info@otsegocc.com



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