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Dear Members:                                                                                                   THINK LOCAL FIRST!

The Cooperstown and Otsego Chambers of Commerce, along with project partners BANK OF COOPERSTOWN and OTSEGO COUNTY TOURISM, are pleased to collaborate together on THINK LOCAL FIRST, an awareness and action campaign to promote our region’s products and services.  THINK LOCAL FIRST is designed to grow jobs, strengthen our local tax base and champion commerce in our region by encouraging local purchasing, hiring and the contracting of local services.

Over the last nine months the two organizations have met with a joint advisory task force, as well as identified and met with a stakeholders advisory committee comprised of municipal and business leaders, as well as media, advertising and transportation representatives.


We are planning a kick-off event for early December to coincide with the holiday shopping season for all of our members to learn more about THINK LOCAL FIRST.  Information will be out soon! Print, radio and television advertising will begin now and will continue for the next year.


Overall goals of the THINK LOCAL FIRST awareness campaign are to:

  • ·         Create a public awareness campaign that places importance on supporting local businesses wherever possible through educational public forums, panel discussions, media promotion and community involvement.
  • ·         Create a local marketplace list of the goods and services available locally and regionally;
  • ·         Compile and promote the positive economic effects of shopping locally to the Otsego County region.
  • ·         Run the awareness campaign for 24 – 36 months in order to determine quantifiable results in support of local businesses Otsego County.

Reasons Why a Think Local First Campaign will benefit your business and our local community: 

  • ·         Supports the community by keeping money in the area;
  • ·         Supports locally-owned businesses;
  • ·         Supports community non-profit organizations;
  • ·         Encourages unique businesses to start up, giving the community its unique character;
  • ·         Reduces environmental impact from out-shopping;
  • ·         Creates and maintains more local jobs;
  • ·         Results in better services – personal touch, you get to know who you are buying from;
  • ·         Increases business investments in the community by local businesses;
  • ·         Supports better use of tax dollars;
  • ·         Ensures innovation and helps to keep pricing in check;
  • ·         Encourages local prosperity by improving the local economy overall.


The Cooperstown and Otsego County Chambers of Commerce are committed supporting your business and strengthening our region!   For questions or any other information, please contact Patricia Szarpa, Executive Director of the Cooperstown Chamber of Commerce at 607-547-9983,  or Barbara Ann Heegan, President and CEO of the Otsego County Chamber  at 607-432-4500.




Patricia Szarpa                                                                                Barbara Ann Heegan

Executive Director                                                                          President/CEO

Cooperstown Chamber of Commerce                                            Otsego County Chamber of Commerce

Tri-County Young Professionals – Are you a working young professional or just entering the workforce?
Wondering where all the young people are hiding? Well the Otsego County Chamber Young Professionals Committee invites you to join them on Thursday, November 14th from 6-8pm at Humphreys Restaurant on Main Street in Oneonta for their kickoff event. Join with other young people in the area that desire to be more involved in their local community and are looking for the platform to build great relationships. All are welcome! You will get the chance to meet the Otsego County Chamber Young Professionals Committee and give your feedback as to what kind of activities and events you would like to be a part of. Please RSVP to Committee Member Steve Campbell, Financial Advisor at The Morgan McReynolds Group at Morgan Stanley Wealth Management at 607-431-2271. Walk-ins are more than welcome!  Employers please share with your employees that may be new to the area and would like to connect with other young professionals.


Otsego County Economic Development Summit II
“ED Structure, Regional Focus & Priority Projects – An Action Agenda”.  This event takes place on November 14th, 2013 at the Foothills Performing Arts & Civic Center from 7:00am to Noon and is hosted by Senator James L. Seward in cooperation with the Otsego County IDA, Otsego County Development Corporation, Otsego County Chamber of Commerce and Citizens’ Voice. Please RSVP by contacting Shelly Giangrant, Vice President Member Services at [email protected] or by calling (607) 432-4500 ext. 207 if you are interested in attending.

Creating Safe Spaces: Diverse Identities in Oneonta


On Wednesday, November 20, 2013 at the Foothills Performing Arts & Civic Center in the Board Room in the brick building from 8:00am – 9:00am we will be hosting an hour workshop for business owners and community members to understand how diverse groups experience oppression around multiple identities including (but not limited to) race, ethnicity, gender identity and expression and sexuality to develop awareness so that a safe space for students and community members can be respected. Please RSVP by contacting Shelly Giangrant, Vice President Member Services at [email protected] or by calling (607) 432-4500 ext. 207 if you are interested in attending.  There is no charge for this workshop.  Complimentary coffee will be served.


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