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Dear Members,

New York has an antiquated law that is costing you money, increasing the cost of public projects, and restraining economic growth and job creation throughout the state. It’s called the Scaffold Law, and it’s the only one of its kind in the country. It affects everyone, and it’s tacking on more than a billion dollars in increased costs for projects as big as the Tappan Zee Bridge and as small as a new addition on your home.

The Scaffold Law holds contractors and property owners liable in lawsuits arising from elevation-related injuries, regardless of fault. That’s why The Business Council is advocating for adoption a contributory negligent standard for height-related workplace injuries in cases where a worker failed to use the safety equipment provided, disobeyed safety directions, was injured while engaged in a criminal act, or worked while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.  Right now a worker injured in any of those cases can bring a costly lawsuit. 

Now is the time to level the playing field and reduce costs for small businesses, farms, manufacturers, municipalities, and school districts – and ultimately – taxpayers. If we succeed in Scaffold Law reform, we will be strengthening the economy and creating jobs by reducing the cost of virtually every construction project in New York.

Tell your legislators to support reform of New York’s Scaffold Law.


https://BCNYS.informz.net/BCNYS/data/images/_modified/take-action_6024272753407712436.png  Click to take action.

Barbara Ann Heegan


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