Free Energy Study- All Fees Waived, apply NOW

Free Energy Study- All Fees Waived, apply NOW


Green Jobs Green NY Energy Study Program for Small and Medium Sized Businesses and Not-for- Profits: a NYSERDA subsidized program to bring professional engineering services to your place of business!

Businesses with 100 employees or less and Not-for-profits of any size can now sign up for a free energy study of their buildings. Energy studies can be used to evaluate all aspects of your business’ energy use; space heating and cooling, ventilation, lighting, electronics, machinery. Energy studies include a list of recommended upgrades including cost to install and predicted savings. In addition, state and federal incentives (rebates and tax credits) as well as very low interest financing options are presented. Energy studies include a live, follow-up meeting with the auditor (either in person or online) to discuss results and answer questions. There is no obligation to spend any money after the study though chances are good the study will find cash flow positive improvements. The one-page application is quick and easy. Contact Bennett Sandler, Campaign Director at Heat Smart Otsego, (607) 435-1364 or email at for more information or to request an application.

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