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On February 9, the Otsego County Chamber of Commerce hosted a special webinar with Leadership Otsego participants to highlight non-profit organizations in the County. Each organization was given two minutes to share information.

Here is the chat with many of the participants info:

Michelle Colson, Bassett Healthcare, 607-437-3019,email: [email protected], website: bassett.org/patients-visitors/community-health
Todd Hansen:	Todd Hansen, Executive Director, The Arc Otsego, 607-432-8596,    WWW.Arcotsego.org
Debra Marcus:	Debra Marcus, CEO, Family Planning of South Central New York www.fpscny.org 607 432 2252 x316
Kristin Kulow:	Kristin Kulow, Super Heroes IRJ Humane Society, 607-441-3227, [email protected], www.superheroesirj.org
Elizabeth Monaco:	Elizabeth Monaco, Executive Director, United Way of Delaware and Otsego Counties, 607-244-3716, [email protected]
Bob Brzozowski:	Bob Brzozowski
Jim Maloney:	Community Arts Network of Oneonta
Craig Muder:	Director of Communications, Baseball Hall of Fame, 607-547-7200, [email protected]
Greg Klein:	Greg Klein  Board President/acting executive director/film commissioner  Film COOP  The Cooperstown, Oneonta, Otsego County Film Partnership, Inc.315-527-3082   www.film-coop.com   [email protected]
Jim Maloney:	[email protected]
Katrina Van Zandt:	Destination Oneonta
Rebecca Matthews Houck:	Rebecca Matthews-Program Director at Catholic Charities of Delaware, Otsego, and Schoharie Counties
Dan Maskin:	Dan Maskin  Opportunities for Otsego, Inc.  [email protected]  (607) 433-8000   www.ofoinc.org
Rebecca Matthews Houck:	http://www.charitiesccdos.org/
Frank Russo:	[email protected]  YMCA
Rebecca Matthews Houck:	[email protected] 607-432-0061
Bob Brzozowski:	Bob Brzozowski, Friends of the Oneonta Theatre, (607) 287-8483, [email protected], www.OneontaTheatre.org
Lisa Samols:	Lisa Samols, League of Women Voters of the Oneonta Area, [email protected]; www.lwvoneonta.org
Shari Stallone:	good afternoon I am Shari Stallone RSS [email protected]
Jim Maloney:	Jim Maloney  Community Arts Network of Oneonta
Alan Sessions:	Alan Sessions, Placement Coordinator  Project Excite ((IT/Cybersecurity Grant)  CDO Workforce, 12 Dietz St., Oneonta, NY 13820
Phone:  607-432-4800 x 109
Register online for the Project Excite Grant:  www.joinprojectexcite.com  
Project Excite is collaborating with SUNY Delhi to offer 13 IT and Cybersecurity certifications that are fully funded by Project Excite.  If interested please check out this link:  https://delhi.edu/ceps/project-excite/
Kathy DeAngelo:	Kathy DeAngelo, Disability Resource Coordinator                  CDO Workforce, 12 Dietz St., Oneonta, NY 13820              607-432-4800 ext. 113
Kelly McGraw:	Kelly McGraw
Rebecca Hess:	Cancer Services Program-free cancer screenings, education and information on the importance of cancer screenings (breast, cervical and colorectal). 1-888-345-0225, www.bassett.org/csp, Facebook: CSPCentralRegion, [email protected]
Kelly McGraw:	Kelly McGraw, Chief Operating Officer, Helios Care    607-432-5525.   [email protected]
Shari Stallone:	Shari Stallone Rehabiltation Support Services RSS
Shari Stallone:	cont can be reached at 433-0002
Jim Maloney:	Jim Maloney   Community Arts Network of Oneonta
www.Canoneonta.org   [email protected]
Greg Klein:	Film COOP Jeff Katz at [email protected] or Judith Pachter at [email protected]
Katrina Van Zandt:	Hey all! I have to head to my next meeting. Destination Oneonta plans and implements the majority of the events in Oneonta, NY. We also market and promote our local small businesses! We host over 12 events annually and we are always looking for volunteers! We are also have 2 open board member position and we can always use events committee members! 
We are currently hiring for a part-time social media specialist! Come work with us! It's a flexible, fun job; and the details can be found on our FB page! 
 Hope to talk to you all soon!
Katrina Van Zandt, Director of Destination Oneonta 
[email protected]
Jess Schatzel:	I have to jump off for another call, but wanted to wish this year's Leadership Otsego class an amazing class, you'll be so happy you signed on for this experience! Best wishes for a season of growth, collaboration, and some fun along the way! 
Cassandra Miller Catskill Symphony Orchestra:	www.catskillsymphony.org
Cassandra Miller Catskill Symphony Orchestra:	Cassandra Miller, [email protected]
Sparky Spaulding:	Sparky Spaulding from Rail Explorers Cooperstown

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