Integris Energy Program

Energy Advantage Program

Electric Savings:  Savings on your electric bill up to 8% of your current annual electric bill.  Savings include electric commodity, sales tax, and gross receipt taxes.

Chamber Advantage: Chamber members will receive an additional discount only available to chamber members.

Reliable Electric Service:  You receive the same reliable service that you do now but at a reduced cost.

Free Electric Bill Analysis:  Are you on the most cost effective rate for your business?  Learn about NYSEG’s high load factor rate and how you can save up to 25%.

Program Available:  The program is available to customers of both NYSEG and NIMO utilities.  Employees of Chamber members are also eligible.

Energy Audits:  Energy consumption audits are available to reduce the amount of energy you use.

Sales Tax Audits:  Energy consumed in production is sales tax exempt which includes manufacturing, baking, grocery store processing, printing, and mining.  You can receive a refund for up to 3 years.

3556 Lake Shore Road – Suite 420
Buffalo, NY 14219
1.888.649.4464 — Fax: 716.826.9725 — E-mail:

Integrys Energy Services of New York, Inc. is an eligible supplier and has met all eligibility requirement standards set by the Public Service Commission as well as NIMO and NYSEG.  With 60 years in the energy business, they are the first to market electricity to NYSEG and NIMO customers.

Who is eligible?
All Chamber members will be able to participate in The Otsego County Chamber of Commerce Advantage Program.

Can I switch back to my local utility after choosing a new supplier?
Yes, you can always switch back to your local utility. Simply notify us by phone or mail. The utility will confirm your switch in writing to both you and your supplier.

Will I need a special meter if I switch electricity suppliers?

How many bills will I receive when I switch suppliers?
You will receive two bills—one from Integrys Energy and one from your local utility.

Why should I switch?
You receive the same reliable service but at a reduced cost.

Your local utility will bill you as they do now but will reduce (credit) your bill by the supplier credit for every kilowatt-hour used. By buying electricity for less than the supplier credit you will save money. You will also save money on taxes as well. You may save the sales tax on your supplier’s bill and the 1% municipal gross receipt tax where it is charged in villages and cities.

To sign up for the program, or to have an Energy Savings Analysis completed, please click on the link below.

Consumption Release Request

Or, for more information, please contact:

Integrys Energy Services of New York, Inc.
1-800-594-4349: fax number: 716-826-9725

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