Labor & Employment Training – January 16

Labor & Employment Training – January 16

New NYS law requires all public and private employers to provide annual sexual harassment prevention training along with written sexual harassment prevention policies. In the recently enacted sexual harassment law, all employers must implement annual training and specific procedures that meet or exceed requirements provided by the NYS Department of Labor and the Division of Human Rights.

The Chamber has partnered with Pinnacle Human Resources, LLC to provide interactive, on-demand training that meets and exceeds the NYS requirements. Pricing is based on the number of employees. Click here (add hyperlink) for more information.

Training Registration Process:

  1. Go to or copy and paste this link into any internet browser.
  2. Register your company.
    • “Company” field must match the name on the credit card being used to process payment
    • “First Name” “Last Name” and “Email” should be the contact person to receive login information and instructions to provide to all employees on how to access the online trainings
    Bodybuilding And Lower Back Pain! effective tablets with tadalafil for raising potency bodybuilding motivation – eyes on the prize “State” field must be the abbreviation/acronym i.e. NY
    • Select the option that fits your company size based on your anticipated usage during the next 12 months (don’t forget new hires!)
  3. Click on “Go To Payment” and enter card information.
    • Read and agree to the Terms and Conditions Agreement. This acts as your training contract with Pinnacle HR.
  4. The designated contact person will receive an email from Pinnacle HR within 3 business days of processing.
    • The email will contain employee login information and instructions to provide to ALL employees on how to access the online trainings.
    • The email will also contain a separate manager login to view live reports with a list of attendees who launched the training and their progress.
  5. Direct all employees to the online portal to complete the online training.
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