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Governor Cuomo Press Conference Updates

  • New York State has 52,318 total positive cases of coronavirus and 7,681 new positive cases. The State continues to anticipate the apex in 14-21 days. There have now been 728 COVID-19 deaths in the state.
  • NY PRESIDENTIAL PRIMARY – The Governor has announced the April 28th Presidential primary will be moved to June 23rd, linking it with congressional and legislative primaries. The Special Elections set for April will also be moved to June.
  • Today the Governor will ask pharmacies to begin delivering prescriptions at no charge.
  • The filing deadline for NYS tax returns will be July 15th.
  • The Department of Health is monitoring density reduction at NYC parks, and the Governor will consider closing playgrounds if there is no compliance.
  • The Javits Center, with 1,000 beds, will open on Monday.
  • The USNS Comfort (1,000 beds, 1,200 medical personnel) is expected to arrive in New York on Monday.
  • 1100 tests being administered – Hydrochloroquine and Zithromax
  • The President has approved four new emergency medical facilities, totaling 4,000 new beds:
    • Brooklyn – Brooklyn Cruise Terminal
    • Queens – Aqueduct Racetrack
    • Staten Island – CUNY Staten Island
    • Bronx – NY Expo Center
  • The State will now have three COVID-19 only hospitals (695 beds): SUNY Downstate (Brooklyn); South Beach Psychiatric Center (Staten Island); and Westchester Square (Bronx).
  • The FDA has approved the Department of Health starting an antibody test to determine if those infected with COVID-19 and resolved now have antibodies.
  • An Executive Order will be issued to direct that women giving birth are permitted one birthing partner in the birthing room. This had previously been guidance from NYS DOH to hospitals but not all are complying so it will be issued as an Executive Order.
  • The State is looking at early release of prisoners approaching the end of their sentences to help prevent spread of Covid-19 in prisons.

Department of Health

  • An updated edition of Medicaid Update has been issued, featuring updated Medicaid Coverage & Reimbursement Policy for Services related to COVID-19, and is available here.

State Education Department

New York City Mayor’s Office

Attorney General

Attorney General James released the following tips for New Yorkers to protect themselves from federal COVID-19 relief scams:

  • Never give your personal information or financial information out to someone unless you are absolutely sure who they are.
  • Be alert: scammers may use emails, texts, or webpages that look like they are from the federal government. If someone claims to be from the government with a check for you, it may be a phishing scam that is illegally trying to obtain your bank account or other personal information.
  • If you are eligible for a payment, you will receive a payment directly from the IRS. Do not pay anyone who promises that they can expedite or obtain a payment or a loan for you. If you are eligible for relief, you will not need to make any up-front payment or pay any fee to receive a stimulus payment. You will not be charged any “processing fees.”
  • Never open attachments or links sent from anyone who claims to be from the government. Do not reply and delete the message right away.  

State Parks & Department of Environmental Conservation

Federal Update

Up-To-Date Guidance

  • There have been no changes to this guidance since our last update.

Attached please find a comprehensive document with guidance from across government agencies. We will be updating this document as information becomes available and including it in our daily updates.

In addition to our regular email updates, Ostroff Associates has established two dedicated webpages that will be updated in real time with any new information from government sources relating to COVID-19. Please use these websites as a resource and share with others who would benefit.

Update Page: https://www.ostroffassociates.com/covid-19-updates/

News Page: https://www.ostroffassociates.com/category/covid-19/

March 29, 2020 Government Guidances Update Full Document

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