Otsego County Chamber of Commerce is here for the County Businesses

Otsego County Chamber of Commerce is here for the County Businesses

Dear Members & Friends,

For the past few weeks at the Chamber we have been working on building our resources and updating them around the Novel Coronavirus referred to as COVID-19 to keep our membership and community informed of essential businesses that are able to remain open.  Non-essential businesses are closed (in-person operations) as of 8pm Sunday March 22. Essential businesses like pharmacies, grocery stores, gas stations and more will stay open. Unsure what counts as an essential business? See the full list here. For healthcare workers and emergency responders looking for Day Care please contact your school district. For a complete list of school districts for ONC BOCES and contacts please click here. https://www.oncboces.org/ComponentSchoolDistricts.aspx

We remain dedicated in sending updates to our entire membership regularly to share best practices and information from our community. Our COVID-19 Resource Guide is now available and will be updated regularly on our Chamber Website at otsegocc.com or click link here: https://otsegocc.com/covid-19-compiled-resources/ 

We also have another link available on our homepage of our website to share your business hours for the essential businesses that are able to remain open. Please submit this information so that we can direct people to your services. We are receiving calls from the public, e-mails and we remain dedicated to connecting people to these resources.

Click link here to submit hours and business service  https://otsegocc.com/submit-your-business-status-and-operating-hours/  

Upcoming Webinars for Business

The Mohawk Valley Chamber Alliance Officers have approved the co-sponsorship (at no cost) of two webinars scheduled for tomorrow and Wednesday to communicate information about the SBA’s Economic Injury Disaster Loan Program available now to small businesses affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Please see attached flyer.

Please join One Group Insurance for a free virtual webinar to hear real-time updates on the Coronavirus crisis and how it might be impacting your business tomorrow, March 24, at 1pm. To join the webinar, use this link: https://one-group.webex.com/webappng/sites/one-group/meeting/download/3497b4d55ed64be790bbb30590facf40?siteurl=one-group&MTID=m97c5f6068fd1a3741b83d4e8afb5a64d

and enter when asked: Meeting number (access code): 474 424 513

The meeting should last approximately 45 minutes to an hour.

What I have witnessed this week has been such a bright light of amazing and dedicated community members that are compassionate, caring people serving one another. The help you are providing will ensure recovery is faster and more robust in our region. Thank you for everything you’re doing in your organizations that benefits everyone including all our countywide essential businesses front line staff. These are difficult and uncertain times, you are never alone. We are here. Let me know how we can help. I have some additional messages sent to the Chamber from our members below for your review. We welcome all information sent to us regularly and can be submitted directly to info@otsegocc.com and follow us on The Otsego County facebook page. Please check all your e-mail folders for messages from The Otsego County Chamber as we are providing regular updates and our Director of Special Events, Kathryn Dailey will be sending you login information to update information on your member profiles.

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