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V2 Pro Automated Temperature Screening System

Progressive Primary Care Solutions, Inc. has recently teamed up with RichTech and has become a distributor of the Automated Temperature Screening System. PPCS will enhance its ability to plan and provide practically integrated communicable disease management services to companies looking to return their workforce safely with ongoing workplace monitoring. Available immediately through PPCS is RichTech’s AAFSS V2 Pro, which is a very accurate, reliable all-in-one automated solution for businesses seeking a safer and healthier business environment for their employees and guests. The AAFSS V2 Pro is not only a secure and HIPPA compliant unit, the data captured is kept proprietary to the client who owns the device.


The device gives valuable time back to the employers and staff who are being tasked to take on temp tracking and covid questionnaires. RichTech is also in partnership with some major HR and payroll companies who will be integrating with the system in the future. The device works for when you have guests as well as employees of the facility/company. Facial recognition is another feature that can be turned on or off when allowing individuals into your business.


V2 Pro has many accessories available and more are being implemented almost weekly.


For more information or pricing on the V2 Pro Automated Temperature Screening System please contact: Sarah Abbatine at [email protected] or call 607-267-4571. See Attachments for more information.

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