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The Chamber of Commerce is very pleased to announce that MAMCO Precision Molding is the final spotlight member of the month for 2021.  This great chamber member has been making plastic products on River Street in Oneonta since 1964.  MAMCO has been an industry leader in plastic injection molding for over 56 years. The company was founded as Mold-A-Matic with a mission to provide the highest quality products for less. This guiding principle has served them over the years and has made MAMCO a name that companies all over the world trust for custom injection molding.

MAMCO Precision Molding is a world-class supplier of plastic injection molded parts and assemblies that demand high repeatability and tight specifications. For years, companies have relied on MAMCO to supply them with their plastic injection molding pieces for a wide variety of applications. With a commitment to quality and an eye on innovation, they have built a name that stands for performance in the industry.

The MAMCO team is the best of breed plastics manufacturing partner for sustainable medical, electronics, aerospace, telecommunications and a myriad of other industries. It is their paramount objective to maintain and propel their reputation as one of the finest manufacturing partners in the world. MAMCO’s  success is measured by their clients success.

List of clients they work with:  Signify Philips, Corning, Harley Davidson, Dupont, 3M, General Electric, Delco, BEI Sensor and more. 

They have recently begun The Material Maxim- a Hemp Plastic Co. which we will highlight throughout the Month. This sustainable alternative to raw fossil fuel based polymers is the way to preserve our future world. Like us on Facebook to learn more about this great partnership initiative.

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