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  • New York State has 20,875 total positive cases of coronavirus and 5,707 new positive cases. New York City has 12,305 total positive cases and 3,260 new cases.
  • The Governor has announced that he will be issuing an Executive Order asking all registered nurses to enlist and help treat coronavirus cases. The Department of Financial Services will also direct insurers to free up the nurses they have on staff to go to hospitals.
  • Yesterday, The Governor asked hospitals in New York to increase capacity by 50% with a goal to increase capacity by 100%. Today he announced that he would order that all hospitals must increase capacity by at least 50%.
  • Yesterday, the Governor asked NYC Mayor de Blasio and NYC Council Speaker Johnson to come up with a plan in 24 hours to lower density in NYC public spaces. As part of this plan, there is a possibility of closing some streets to vehicle traffic to allow more pedestrian space. Today, the Governor said that he has not received the plan, but believes he will today and will approve it. The Governor also said he expects the same rules that are put into place for NYC to be applied to Westchester County.
  • NY State Insurance Fund has sent a letter to policy holders offering to help by lowering premiums and extend payment terms to those who need them.
  • NYC Comptroller Scott Stringer has released an updated analysis of forecasted tax revenue lost for New York City amid the COVID-19 pandemic, which now estimates revenue losses of between $4.8 billion and $6.0 billion total in fiscal years (FY) 2020 and 2021.
  • Yesterday, Governor Cuomo announced a number of new developments:
  • New York State is Ready for Army Corps to Start Construction at SUNY Stony Brook, SUNY Westbury, Westchester County Center and Jacob K. Javits Center
  • FEMA Will Erect Federal Hospitals within Javits Center – Four 250-Bed Fully-Equipped and Fully-Staffed Facilities
  • State Has Leased 600-Bed Capacity Nursing Home Facility in Brooklyn to Convert into Temporary Hospital
  • Called on Federal Government to Immediately Implement Defense Production Act — Nationalize Medical Supply Chain
  • Called on Federal Government to Prioritize Sending Stimulus Funding to Individuals, State and Local Governments and Businesses – Taxpayers Must Share in Success of Corporations
  • Acquired 70,000 Doses of Hydroxychloroquine, 10,000 doses of Zithromax and 750,000 Doses of Chloroquine to Implement Drug Trials – Trials Will Start Tuesday
  • Urged FDA to Immediately Approve Serological Testing for COVID-19 Antibodies
  • Announced Department of Health Emergency Order for All Hospitals to Come Up with a Plan to Expand Capacity by a Minimum of 50 Percent with a Goal of 100 Percent
  • Canceled All Elective, Non-Critical Surgeries – Effective Wednesday March 25th
  • Directed New York City to Come Up with a Plan for Review within 24 Hours to Address Lack of Adherence to Social Distancing Protocols

Attached please find a comprehensive document with guidance from across government agencies. Ostrodd Associates will be updating this document as information becomes available and including it in our daily updates.

In addition to our their email updates, Ostroff Associates has established two dedicated webpages that will be updated in real time with any new information from government sources relating to COVID-19. Please use these websites as a resource and share with others who would benefit.

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Updated State Guidances Document 3/23/20

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