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New Course On Personal And Professional Development To Run This Summer


(June 17, 2013 Oneonta, New York) A new SUNY Broome Community College course, BIT 270 Personal and Professional Development, will debut this summer at Otsego County’s Foothills Performing Arts Center.


The course focuses on soft skills with topics that include, personal direction, discovering personal and professional strengths, setting and achieving goals, understanding self-esteem, learning to think critically, the power of motivation, defining and visualizing success, managing resources (time and money), and communicating assertively.


Executive Director of the Otsego County Chamber of Commerce, Barbara Ann Heegan, who recently joined the Broome Community College faculty as an Adjunct Instructor, will be teaching the course.


“It is an exciting opportunity to bring Broome Community College to Otsego County as a Cross Regional Partnership. The learning outcomes this course provides are directly applicable to the workplace. These are skills employers are looking for across the board,” stated Barbara Ann Heegan. “Any working professional or student seeking to obtain a degree, or enhance professional development can benefit.”


This course will be the first in a new Otsego County Chamber of Commerce initiative designated as Campus Otsego.


The goal of Campus Otsego is to help promote Otsego County, build student attachment to the region, and connect student with employers in the region.


“BCC is extremely excited to partner with the Otsego Chamber of Commerce to increase leadership training, community engagement, and innovative partnerships across the region,” said Beth Mollen, Dean of Business and Public Services at SUNY Broome.


BIT 270 is a 3-credit course that is transferrable as an elective (within the SUNY system). It can also be applied to the NYS Entrepreneurial Certificate Program or the Business Information Management AAS degree, both at SUNY Broome Community College.


The course will meet Saturday mornings from 9 am to Noon, and will run from July 8th to August 15th at the Foothills Performing Arts Center. It will have an online component mixed with experimental learning and face-to-face meetings.


For more information including registration, tuition and fees, visit www.sunybroome.edu/bit270 or call BCC Admissions at 778-5001.

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