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Governor Cuomo Press Briefing

  • The curve continues to flatten and is slightly down for the first time. The net change in intubations (the number of people on ventilators) continues to decrease. New COVID hospitalizations continue to trend downwards, but 1,649 new hospitalizations occurred yesterday.
  • There were a total of 778 COVID-19-related deaths yesterday. This represents an uptick over the previous day – but for the last several days the number was generally flat. A total of 10,834 New Yorkers have passed away from coronavirus. 
  • Seven states including New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Delaware Rhode Island, and Massachusetts, have formed a multi-state council to get people back to work and restore the economy.
  • The Council will include a public health expert, an economic development expert, and the Chiefs of Staff for the respective Governor’s offices.
  • The Council will develop a fully integrated regional framework to gradually lift stay at home orders.
  • The Governor addressed comments by President Trump stating that the White House has the authority to reopen States. The Governor said this is untrue and urged the President to continue to work collaboratively instead of divisively. The Governor wants to continue to work together with the Federal Government.
  • By next week the State will be able to produce 2,000 antibody tests per day. The Governor would like the Federal Government to produce more of them so they can be used to determine which workers are able to return to work first.
  • The Governor was asked about NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio’s announcement that the City will purchase 50,000 coronavirus test kits weekly from an Indiana-based company as well as start producing their own tests. The Governor said there are only a handful of companies producing tests which limits supply while demand is high. He said FEMA should take over coordinating all test distribution and allocate them to the states that are in need.

Up-To-Date Guidance

  • There have been no changes since our last update.
  • There have been no changes since our last update.

Attached please find a comprehensive document with guidance from across government agencies. We will be updating this document as information becomes available and including it in our daily updates.

In addition to our regular email updates, Ostroff Associates has established two dedicated webpages that will be updated in real time with any new information from government sources relating to COVID-19. Please use these websites as a resource and share with others who would benefit.

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