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Dear Members,

The Otsego County Chamber of Commerce is committed to accelerating economic growth in our area by building on the proven capacity of our more than 500 members who already constitute a significant force in our local economy.  Recognizing that economic development is not intended for one organization to implement, we believe that economic development, like building a great community, requires that all key partners come together in a coordinated process to address competitive issues and capitalize on opportunities.  To that end, the Otsego County Chamber of Commerce invited Sandy Mathes, CEO and Sharon Oberriter, Board Chair of the Otsego County Industrial Development Agency (IDA) to meet with our Board of Directors on their vision for economic development in our area and how the IDA envisioned the Chamber contributing to that vision.    As some of you may know, Mr. Mathes recently presented the Otsego County Chamber with a “Partner in Economic Development Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)” regarding the respective roles and responsibilities of our organizations.   During the meeting, our board of directors sought clarification on the terms of the MOU and specifically how the Otsego County IDA envisioned our members’ contribution to the economic development plan.   Mr. Mathes and Ms. Oberriter understood our concerns about coordinating efforts but also shared with us that, since the Otsego County IDA is in a period of transition (i.e., hiring additional staff and relocating to a new office), they could not presently address our substantive concerns or provide a written business plan at this time.   As the Otsego County Chamber of Commerce is a key partner in local economic development, we want to ensure the success of this effort by coordinating our efforts with those of the Otsego County IDA and otherwise fostering a good working relationship between our two organizations.   In order to keep our members informed, the board of directors will follow up with Mr. Mathes when he is able to provide substantive information important to our members, including how the Otsego County IDA envisions our role in local economic development.

Thank you,


Barbara Ann Heegan


189 Main St. Suite 201

Oneonta, NY  13820

Office: 607-432-4500


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