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Big Thinkers, LLC is pleased to announce a marketing opportunity for small businesses – a new frontier of digital marketing called the Virtual Downtown Shopping Experience, hosted on ShopJills.com.  The platform allows business owners of all kinds to sell their goods and services alongside other like-minded companies, all seeking to broaden their reach beyond their own communities, websites, and social media pages. 


“Think of it as a nod to the days when vibrant downtowns had popular stores, where shops and boutiques were side by side, each offering their specialties. Whether it’s clothing, travel, food, or even something more untraditional like cyber security, these stores are virtual neighbors and all bring something unique to the table,” said Jill Morgan-Meek, Founder of Big Thinkers, LLC, a one-stop boutique marketing agency concentrated on promoting high-impact products and services.  (Jill is also the owner of ShopJills.com, where the shopping experience is hosted.)


While the pandemic has forced businesses both big and small to shut their doors, other businesses have found ways to pivot and develop new revenue streams, whether by offering more online services, increased takeout, drive-thru business, or other forms of e-commerce.


“With the impact of COVID-19, businesses have had to get creative to not just retain customers but also to expand their customer base. It’s exciting to be part of a new platform that will enable me to reach a wider audience and get the word out on new developments in my business as well,” said Elizabeth Raphaelson, Owner of The Underground Attic, a vintage boutique in downtown Oneonta, NY.


Early pre-launch tenants in the virtual mall have been mostly clothing and home goods and from NY State, but the intention is to build the directory with a wide variety of businesses like you would find in any mall, plaza or downtown area.  Membership in the mall is available at an introductory rate of $15/month or $100/year.



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