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Dear Members,



Many cities across the country have utilized artists and their talents to revitalize their communities by providing artist live/work space.  We have the opportunity to work in partnership with Artspace consultants and welcome them to the City of Oneonta on October 24-25 to listen to the needs of our artist community and to look for creative ways to support the arts and the City. Please join us at any of the public meetings and offer your thoughts and ideas.


The public agenda is as follows:


Wednesday, October 24 – 1:00pm – Artists and Art Focus Group

Wednesday, October 24 – 3:00pm – Funding and Financing Focus Group

Wednesday, October 24 – 6:00pm – Artist Performances (First Floor Production Room)

Wednesday, October 24 – 7:00pm – Public Meeting / Question and Answer Session


Thursday, October 25 – 8:30am – Civic Leadership Focus Group

Thursday, October 25 – 10:30am – Business Sector Focus Group


*Unless otherwise noted, all events will take place in the second floor small theater at the Foothills Performing Arts Center, 24 Market St, Oneonta.


Click here to RSVP for any of the public events. We look forward to our members participating in these focus groups.

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