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Dear Members,


We invite you as an important stakeholder to join us at our Inaugural Workforce Summit on Wednesday, October 24, 2018 from 10:00a.m.-3:00p.m. “Attracting Talent and Getting the Employer-Workforce Ready by 2020 in Otsego County and the Mohawk Valley Region” Co-hosted by The Otsego County Chamber of Commerce and Senator James Seward at The Otesaga Resort Hotel in Cooperstown, NY. Details attached and we hope to see you there and apart of this meaningful discussion.


Why attend?
Leadership from the private sector and strong public programs are key to creating a highly skilled workforce. The Otsego County and Mohawk Valley Workforce Summit will focus on the areas where greater employer involvement can make a positive difference for the productivity of their companies and the overall quality of our region workforce.

The focus areas of our discussion is around talent recruitment and retainment in the following fields of focus based on member feedback: Healthcare and Health & Human Services, Manufacturing, Information Technology, Hospitality/Tourism.

Essential Skills for Today’s Workforce. These skills are critical for success in life no matter where someone works or goes to school: working well with others, adapting to new information — just showing up on time every day! How can we improve the essential skills of our region workforce?

Career Readiness. This is the latest buzz phrase for preparing students to succeed as adults. What does it meant to be career ready in today’s economy and for the future? How do we make sure we’re preparing students the right way?

Workplace Learning and Apprenticeships. Whether it’s called project-based learning, an apprenticeship or a career pathway, the benefit of learning while doing cannot be overstated. Otsego County needs to  pick up the pace on making work-based learning more widely available.

Plugging In. How, specifically, can employers become engaged in meaningful ways to build a stronger workforce in our region?


Who should attend?
• Policy leaders
• Human resources personnel and HR consultants
• Business owners
• Personnel directors and managers
• Employee relations specialists
• Career and technical educators
• Trade association members
• Education professionals from P-12 and postsecondary
• State and local workforce innovation board members


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