[Enews] Celebrating Sustainable Success – Nominations for Quality of Life & Environmental Stewardship Awards

[Enews] Celebrating Sustainable Success – Nominations for Quality of Life & Environmental Stewardship Awards

Dear Members,


The Otsego County Chamber of Commerce is accepting nominations for our Celebration of Sustainable Success Awards.  Please nominate any Chamber member business who you believe deserves recognition for the Quality of Life Award. The Quality of Life Award is given to a business who is involved in the community and has raised the quality of life for those who live in Otsego County and has made Otsego County a better place to live and work. The second award is the Environmental Stewardship Award which is for businesses, industries or organizations that have implemented programs or projects that have had a positive environmental impact on Otsego County. Self-nominations are accepted and encouraged. Please complete and submit the attached nomination form by 5:00p.m. Monday, June 25, 2018. All nominations will be reviewed by our special projects committee and then by Chamber board of directors for judging criteria of the awards.


I look forward to celebrating the successes of the honorees at a summer soiree.  To share with our members new approaches to sustainability and to promote pioneering examples of excellence is ultimately a great way to share county wide best practices and success based on results. We are looking for companies to have shown real business cases for sustainability and innovative approaches in leveraging it, as well as clear figures and outcomes of the projects they have worked on.

Thank you to our members for your contributions to Otsego County. I hope everyone is soaking up these bright sunny days in our beautiful county.



Barbara Ann Heegan


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