Join us for Coffee Hour this Friday, February 28 at Opportunities for Otsego for first #LeapOfKindnessDAY

Join us for Coffee Hour this Friday, February 28 at Opportunities for Otsego for first #LeapOfKindnessDAY

Dear Members,


Please join me and the entire staff at Opportunities for Otsego this Friday, February 28, 2020 at 8:30a.m.-9:30a.m. for a Coffee Hour to celebrate and promote #LeapOfKindnessDay, celebrated every four years on February 29. The idea behind this extra day we all get is to get as many people in our community as possible, to take part in Leap of Kindness day and do something kind for someone else.


This year we are launching  Leap Of Kindness Day by highlighting Opportunities for Otsego following programs:

Building Healthy Families

Violence Intervention Program

Emergency Housing Assistance Program

Head Start / Early Head Start

Attached are the wish lists of each of the above programs. We welcome and encourage items to be dropped off  directly at the Opportunities for Otsego headquarters, located at 3 West Broadway, Oneonta. If you would like items picked up and delivered on your behalf please let me know I would be happy to assist.


Across Otsego County, we are excited to have people take part in this celebration of kindness and to pass along random acts of kindness that will mean a lot to someone or an organization that means so much to our local community. We live in a strong community where kindness matters and is part of the fabric of what makes Otsego County a Great Place to Live and Work!     


As we get closer to Leap of Kindness Day 2020, our goal is to see that even more individuals and employers come together to do something kind for someone else using the extra day they will get on February 29, 2020.


Attached to this email is the Leap of Kindness note bearing the official logo of this movement, created and shared by the Otsego County Chamber Board of Directors and staff for you to use to thank someone for their acts of kindness.

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